Casa della Carità (House of Charity)

Casa della carità, where hospitality becomes an expression of culture.

Casa della Carità “Angelo Abriani” Foundation takes care of vulnerable people and promotes culture, starting from the stories of those who come to our House every day. 

The core activities of Casa della Carità are two, like two hearts beating at the same time: Accoglienza (Sheltering) – whose social activities guide people in distress towards a new independent life – and Accademia (Academy), which draws together all the Foundation’s culture-related activities being shared with all Milanese people. 

This double effort was strongly wished by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, the Founder of Casa della Carità.

“I will daily remember this House, what is being done here, the guests, the volunteers, the employees, since this House really deserves a lot”.

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini
Founder of Casa della carità