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Casa della Carità
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Casa della carità “Angelo Abriani” Foundation

Casa della carità, where hospitality becomes an expression of culture

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Casa della carità “Angelo Abriani” Foundation takes care of vulnerable people and promotes culture, starting from the stories of those who come to our House every day. The core activities of Casa della carità are two and it is as if they were two hearts beating at the same time: Accoglienza (Sheltering) - whose social activities guide people in distress towards a new independent life – and Accademia (Academy), which draws together all the Foundation’s culture-related activities being shared with all Milanese people. This double effort was strongly wished by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, the Founder of Casa della carità who chose don Virginio Colmegna as Chairman of the Foundation in 2002.

“I will daily remember this House, what is being done here,
the guests, the volunteers, the 
since this House really deserves a lot”.

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini- Founder of Casa della carità

Don Colmegna, right, with Cardinal Martini, visiting Casa della carità in 2005.

Casa della carità believes in the dignity and uniqueness of each person, in the value of offering a listening ear, in the importance of relationships. We commit ourselves in creating a society which opposes the “culture of waste”. We believe that answering the needs of weak and excluded people generates for all wealth, cohesion and helps to increase urban safety.

Casa della carità takes care of people who endured difficult experiences, who must deal with several problems at the same time and who find a welcoming place, a family, at Casa della carità. Every day, we host hundreds of people and we offer services such as free hot showers, a counselling centre, healthcare, legal advice and job orientation to many more. Casa della carità works throughout the city of Milan with the elderly, the homeless, people having mental problems and people who live alone.

Important ideas for the whole population blossom from the knowledge and the careful listening to the most vulnerable section of the population. Strongly holding to this conviction, the Academy of Casa della  Carità promotes cultural initiatives and training sessions and activities. The Academy includes the SOUQ – Urban Suffering Study Centre, which operates at the academic level with universities and researchers and the Boundary’s Library, which works on the ground with schools, San Vittore prison and other non-profit organisations.

“It is absolutely necessary to sit around the same table,
 let relationships blossom, create sharing,
 in order to promote rights and active citizenship”.

don Virginio Colmegna- Chairman of Casa
della Carità


Help us too!

With a single donation

Fondazione Casa della Carità “A. Abriani” Onlus,
Via F. Brambilla 10- 20128 Milan, Italy
Postal current account No. 36704385
Bank current account IBAN No.: IT 08 O 03359 01600 100000067281

With a donation on a regular basis
By activating a monthly donation on the website: dona.casadellacarita.org 
or by contacting our Fundraising Department by phone at 0039 0225935314

With a gift in your will
If you wish to leave a charity legacy gift for Casa della Carità or you wish to receive further information,
please contact Angie Scala:
angie.scala@casadellacarita.org  or call 0039 334 6131 980.



Fondazione Casa della carità “Angelo Abriani”

10 Francesco Brambilla street – 20128 Milano

0039 02259351- relazione@casadellacarita.org
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The hospitality in the House

Casa della carità  is a real house, where guests, social operators and volunteers are linked together by an open relation of mutual trust and respect. The house welcomes everyday 150 people: men, women, singles, families, italians and foreigners are hosted in the house for a determined period of time, and are actively involved  in their own social and economical re-integration project. In fact, the people that find a shelter in the House, generally come from a condition of relational and economical poverty: our challenge is to give a concrete answer to their needs and to support their path towards social and economical inclusion. The first step is to tie every guest with a personal relation of trust, in order to promote the confidence necessary to chart a common and shared course for social and economical inclusion, mainly by helping the guests in improving their working skills, in finding a job and  an allocation.

In order to give a concrete answer to the distinctive features and needs of its guests, the house provides different kinds of allocation:

- Adam House, which has 10 rooms for the hospitality of single men, for a maximum of 53 people;

- Sarah House, which has 9 rooms for the hospitality of single women, for a maximum of 20 people;

- Casa Nido flats, for the hospitality of  three single-mother families in condition of social and economical hardship;

- So-stare community, a residential community for guests with psychiatric diseases, who need a particular care and allocation. It welcomes a maximum of 10 people. (So-stare in Italian means “I can stay”)

The counseling center

The counseling center is open everyday, and it provides social assistance and psychological support to everybody who needs help . It is the place where everybody who's knocking at the house door can be listened to and point out his/her  real need: a shelter, a job, social or legal free support, medical or psychiatrical care or assistance. This service works in connection with the other services of the House and integrated with the public institutions and the non- profit associations of the city.

The legal guidance centre

It promotes equity and legal guardianship, and offers legal guidance to everybody who needs free legal assistance: guests of the house, people sent by the counseling center, roma people followed by the projects of the House or living in camps or irregular slums.

The shower and wardrobe service

It offers an essential service to everybody who hasn't other chances of self-care: homeless people, roma people  or immigrants living in slums or irregular camps .  It offers the possibility of having a hot shower and receiving clean clothes three times a week, and it is a concrete chance for the operators of the house to meet and try to create a relationship to the people living in the most marginalized situations. Sometimes, through this service, the most vulnerable people knocking at the house door can find access to the other services of the house ( medical or legal assistance, hospitality etc...), and to undertake a course toward their social and economical inclusion.

The medical and psychiatric ambulatory

Inside the house there is a medical and a psychiatric ambulatory, which provides free medical and psychiatric assistance to everybody who needs medical care or pycological support,  and who can't rely on the public sanitary service  ( in particular roma people or immigrants  without regular documents and sanitary insurance).

The occupational and vocational guidance service

The principle aim of this service is to support  the re-integration projects of all the guest of the house and of all the people asking for a job at the counseling center. It provides them work placement and vocational guidance through different activities, that can be synthesized in the following planning actions:

- the evaluation and assessment of the professional skills and experiences, with final compilation of the curriculum vitae;

- careers and professional guidance, that can consist also in the evaluation of different possibilities of improving/updating working skills;

- active support in job-seeking;

- take charge of the most difficult cases, by structuring a personalized project of job integration.


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